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02/04/2016 in Tea Talk by Peter Goggi   () comments

This past week I made an effort to get out of my office and tour a few tea shops in NYC.

I am really glad I did!

I continue to be amazed at the variety and quality of offerings that shops are selling.  Unique origins, tea styles, tea pots, Matcha kits…almost overwhelming, but for these eyes, it was a welcome sight.

I am also in the midst of writing my 2015 review and one of the headlines is the continuing growth in Specialty Tea.  Passionate Consumers, educated purveyors and efficient supply chains all work hand-in-hand to deliver products that are fresh, interesting and meeting consumer need, whether those needs are physical, organoleptic, visual or “mood”.

What a wonderful product we are involved with!

On a related subject, I want to congratulate one of our STI Certified Tea Specialists, Julia Matson, owner of Bingley’s Teas, Ltd., on the release of her new line of Jane Austen teas.  (http://www.startribune.com/what-s-cooking-local-tea-blender-honors-jane-austen-and-premium-ice-cream-climbs-a-few-more-rungs/365936071/).  This is just one of many great example of how Tea Education, Passion and Entrepreneurial drive leads to success.

If you have a success story, I’d love to hear it and share it through with my readers.

Feel free to contact me directly!

If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my tea pot….I need my hourly fix!

Stay warm!


Peter F. Goggi

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