Ceylon Tea, Part 3

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STI Advisory Board Member Gail Gastelu Reports on Ceylon Tea, Part 3

A little bird just informed me that STI is proposing a trip to Sri Lanka exclusively for members. This is music to my ears! No, I had nothing to do with planning this. Peter Goggi and staff have put together an itinerary to visit Sri Lanka and experience the beautiful wonders of the island country with visits to tea plantations and optional additional participation / attendance at the Colombo International Tea Convention where 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea events will take place in August.  Full details have been circulated by the Tea Assoc. of USA via email to members of STI. If interested, be sure to reserve your place as soon as possible.

RSVPs and deposits for the STI trip to Sri Lanka are due by April 28 but I would suggest you decide sooner since space is limited and you have some packing to do!! Please contact Ellainy Karaboitis-Christopoulos at (ekaraboitis@teausa.org) if you have questions about the trip.

Since I traveled for The Tea House Times to feature Ceylon tea and Sri Lanka this January 2017, I can tell you first hand that you will not be disappointed. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth – on this, Peter and I agree! And the people there are wonderful, speak perfect English, and are hospitable, friendly, and very kind.  It’s a tropical island after all, what could be better?

My travel preparations for Sri Lanka began several months ahead including immunizations, travel/health insurance, and visa application, etc. Keep this in mind and decide early.  If you would like to know how I handled some of these things, please read my personal blog post HERE.  No connection, but I used Passport Health for the immunizations and health planning – it was a very positive experience and highly recommended by a lot of people I know who travel internationally.

Someone told me once, “see one tea plantation, you’ve seen them all.” I disagree! If you can go to Sri Lanka, GO! You need to see this beautiful island country to understand those seven different growing regions and the superior quality as designated by the Lion Logo for clean, pure Ceylon tea.

How about a little geography and history lesson before you go?  Learn where Sri Lanka is on the map and learn why it is called Ceylon tea and not Sri Lankan tea and who pioneered the tea plantations on the island where coffee was once king!! Learn more HERE.  By the way, don’t forget to exchange a little money before you go too.  Just pop in to your local bank branch a few weeks before to “order” your currency.

By the way, since returning from Sri Lanka, The Tea House Times has published more than 25 pieces of information in print and online. If you wish to follow along, please see - Our Tale of Ceylon Tea - Content Directory – HERE.

Keep watching for more information about the 2017 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea!  

For now, please make plans to visit with me on Tuesday, May 9 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm in NY at the Tea Assoc. of USA office for one of their “Take Me to Tea For Free” sessions. We will discuss Sri Lanka. I will show you some photos from my trip in January. And we will sip on Ceylon tea!! FREE for members! Contact the tea assoc. office to RSVP.    

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